MAGIX Video Pro X8 FULL 64/32 Bit Download Free

MAGIX Video Pro X8 FULL 64/32 Bit Download Free

16 Kasım 2016 Çarşamba 18:02
MAGIX Video Pro X8 FULL 64/32 Bit Download Free
MAGIX Video Pro X8

MAGIX Video Pro KS8 (K64)

MAGIX Video Pro X is the perfect editing software intuitive and powerful video production. This package for editing multi-award-winning video is geared towards the unique needs of ambitious and professional users, and offers the best range of powerful post-produkciяinstrumenti.


Access to detailed editing options, outstanding performance and cinematic effects at the top picture and sound.

video productions

Choose from a wide range of tools to usavršivaš image as GPU-optimized video effects, multicam instrumentalnataureduvanje accurate.

audio editing

inreal-time audio mixer control key personnel and correct copy editor and tons of high quality broadcasting effects provide everything needed to optimize the sound.


Access to all accessories as an accessory package that includes NevBlueizgled impressive color filters and effectsthe transition proDAD measures V2 for perfect image stabilization.

The most important features:

-professional maintenance formats (ProRes, AVC-Intra, etc.)

- Scalable replacement landscaping smooth video editing 4K

- Basic and srednopo 3 nachinakorekciя color

- Multicam editing of up to nine tracks at the sametime

- Support for full action camera

- Surround sound editing in broadcast quality

- A hardware decoding of HD and UHD (,)

- NevBlue Look: Top quality color filters for memorable films

New in version:

* Fiksnaproblem import files MKSF

* Fixed rare prekidiizvoza HEVC

* Enabled regulationthe length of very small objects in Timeline

* Zoom slider can now be used as usual in the position / size of the window

* The values ​​in the position dialogue / size now updated, kogatopremestva oznakatada game

* Visual Effects adjust the position / sizefor all make roads (GPU processor)

* Fixed image distortion associated with the position / size and effects of plant

* Fixed distortion of the image in terms of rotation and plant lekovireakcii

* Fixed error when kombiniratEfekti Titului cultures

* Fixed crash when usingdeactivated before effects with the effects of

* Fixed a bug that prevented publication of video frames "video level"

* Fixed crash when exiting the Multicam mode

* Audiosnimanje is suspended, if pressed in another application klavishEsc

* Fixed a bug that prevents closureprogram at the end of the first use of the program

* Fixed crash in camera / Zum dialogue

* Fixed crash when changing the number of observers in the function and poStandby

* Black okviriuklonjen proxy file that appears when the option "grain clips was active

* Fixed crash inloading pattern effect

* Fixed image distortion (BMP) resized and key frame

* Fixed a bug that caused the object to zakluchitenachin disappear when the object is effect / design dragged him

* Fixed crash kogatoizpolzva very long mileage file

* Uploaderror warning loading invalid table

* Fiked accidents loading table Unsupported value

* Fixed an error that occurred when projektisa reference tables are saved / Loaded

Improved speed based on the value effects otmasa

* Fixed an error in updating the screenReview when transferring mass value

* Fixed various crashes in the budgetary effect

* Improved limit zaobjektite ranging quality

* Fixed a bug that caused the animated objects (especially the title) short flashes priostavяйki visible surface

* Fiked errorobject briefly reappears in its original position (only when the property already odrzhavidljivogMonitor area)

* Fixed color distortion in the Brightness / Contrast effect only when a hidden sense of beginning and end of the curve

* Improved speed for the majority Show / animation effects

*Fixed errors when filling or saving keyframe from OpenFKS additions

* Fixed nepravilnivrednosti dialogue when OpenFKS effect or subcategory to review the effects of activated and deactivated

* Materialalfa channels can now be excluded in dialogue Kei saturation

*Recover checked key condition sjajui Chroma Kei dialogue

* Fixed problem with stabilization slikataMerki with alternating materials (DVD)

* Path Complete project folder is now showing again in early dialogue

* Travel route animation improved (Zum operations, performance, adding new folders)fixed crash

* Small corrections programming interface and localization



MAGIX Video Pro X8

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